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CHER 34th annual Conference
The 34th CHER conference took place online, September 1-2. The topic of the conference was "A Sustainable and Responsive Higher Education".
More information at: https://ktl.jyu.fi/en/cher2022.


CHER 33rd annual Conference
The 33rd CHER conference took place online, September 1-3. The topic of the conference was "Promoting Closer Relations and Scholarly Dialogues Between European and Asian Higher Education Researchers".
More information at: https://www.cher2021.edu.hku.hk/.


CHER 32nd annual Conference
The 32nd CHER conference took place at the University of Kassel, August 28-30, and was organised by INCHER-Kassel. The topic of the conference was "Theories and Methods in Higher Education Research".
More information at: https://www.uni-kassel.de/einrichtungen/incher/2019-cher-conference.html.


CHER 31st annual Conference
The 31st CHER Conference took place from August 30 - September 1, 2018, was organized by The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), and took place in Moscow, Russia.
You can reach the Conference website in the following url: https://cher.hse.ru/.


CHER 30th annual Conference
The 30th CHER Conference took place from 28 to 30 August 2017, was organized by the Higher Education Studies Team (HIEST) at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, the University of Jyväskylä, and took place in Jyväskylä, Finland.
You can reach the Conference website in the following url: https://ktl.jyu.fi/en/cher2017.


CHER 29th annual Conference
The 29th CHER Conference took place from 5 to 7 September 2016, was organized by Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, and took place in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Theme: The University as a Critical Institution?


CHER 28th annual Conference
The 28th CHER Conference took place from 7 to 9 September 2015, was organized by ISEG – School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa, and CIPES – Centre for Research in Higher
Education Policies, and took place in Lisbon, Portugal.
Theme: Global Challenges, National Initiatives, and Institutional Responses – The Transformation of Higher Education


CHER 27th annual Conference
The CHER 27th annual Conference took place from 8 to 10 September 2014, was organized by the CERIS (Institute for Research on Firms and Growth) of the CNR (National Research Council), and took place in Rome, Italy.
Theme: Universities in transition: shifting institutional and organizational boundaries.


CHER 26th annual Conference
Lausanne, Switzerland
9-11 September 2013
The Roles of Higher Education and Research in the Fabric of Societies
Announcement and Call for Papers


CHER 25nd annual Conference
Belgrade (Serbia),
9-12 September 2012
Higher Education and Social Dynamics


CHER 24nd annual Conference
Reykjavik, Iceland
23-25 June 2011
Prospects for Higher Education in the 21st Century
Research, Ideas and policy
Venue: University of Iceland, School of Education


CHER 23nd annual Conference
Oslo, 10-12 June 2010
Effects of Higher Education Reforms


CHER 22nd annual Conference
Porto, 10-12 September 2009
Public Vices, Private Benefits?
Assessing the role of markets in higher education


CHER 21st annual Conference
11-13 September 2008 in Pavia, Italy.
"Excellence and Diversity in Higher Education. Meanings, Goals, and Instruments."


August, 30 - September, 01, 2007
in Dublin, Ireland
"The Research Mission of the University"

September 07-09 2006
in Kassel, Germany
"Systems Convergence and Institutional Diversity?"

September 01-03 2005
in Jyväskylä, Finland
"Higher Education: The Cultural Dimension - Innovative Cultures, Norms and Values"

September, 17-19, 2004
CHER meeting in Enschede, The Netherlands
"Public-Private Dynamics in Higher Education:
Expectations, Developments and Outcomes"

September, 4-6, 2003
CHER meeting in Porto, Portugal
"Reform and Change in Higher Education: Renewed expectations and improved performance?"

September 5-7, 2002
CHER meeting in Vienna, Austria
"Higher Education in the Global Age"

September 2-4, 2001
CHER meeting in Dijon, France
"Higher Education and Its Clients:
Institutional Responses to Changes in Demand and in Environment"

September, 14-16, 2000
CHER meeting in Lancaster, United Kingdom
"The Institutional Dimension:
Organizational Aspects in Higher Education Research"

June, 17-19, 1999
CHER meeting in Oslo, Norway
'The Research Function in Higher Education'

September, 3-5, 1998
CHER meeting in Kassel, Germany
'Higher Education Research - Achievements,
Conditions and New Challenges'

September, 18-20, 1997
CHER meeting in Alicante, Spain
'Evaluation and Higher Education Research'

June, 27-29, 1996
CHER meeting in Turku, Finland
'Governance and Management
in Higher Education Institutions'

September, 28-30, 1995
CHER meeting in Rome, Italy
'Cross-National Studies in Higher Education,
the state of the art in the disciplines'

October, 5-7, 1994
CHER meeting in Enschede, the Netherlands
'Cross-National Studies in Higher Education'

July, 1-3, 1993
CHER meeting in Stockholm, Sweden
'Graduate Education'

July, 23-25, 1992
CHER meeting in London, United Kingdom
'Higher Education and the world of work'

October, 19-21, 1991
CHER meeting in Dijon, France
'Higher Education Finance'

November, 9-11, 1990
CHER meeting in Brussels, Belgium
'A Changing Europe:
challenges for higher education research'

September, 1-3, 1989
CHER meeting in Enschede, the Netherlands
'Decision Making in Higher Education'

November, 24-26, 1988
Foundation of CHER in Kassel, Federal Republic of Germany

News & Announcements

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Upcoming Conferences

CHER 35th Annual Conference


Vienna calling... Dear members of the CHER community,   We are happy to announce that the CHER 35th Annual Conference will take place in Vienna from August 30th to September 1st...

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