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Inequalities in Access to Higher Education: Methodological and Theoretical Issues, Social Inclusion, 2019, Volume 7, Issue 1
Edited by Gaële Goastellec and Jussi Välimaa
Complete issue: www.cogitatiopress.com/socialinclusion/issue/view/101

Table of Contents:

Access to Higher Education: An Instrument for Fair Societies?
By Gaële Goastellec and Jussi Välimaa

Expanding Access to Higher Education and Its (Limited) Consequences for Social Inclusion: The Brazilian Experience
By Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Helena Sampaio and Cibele Yahn de Andrade

School Market in Quebec and the Reproduction of Social Inequalities in Higher Education
By Pierre Canisius Kamanzi

Second-Chance Alternatives and Maintained Inequality in Access to Higher Education in Israel
By Eyal Bar-Haim and Carmel Blank

Who Goes to College via Access Routes? A Comparative Study of Widening Participation Admission in Selective Universities in Ireland and England
By Katriona O’Sullivan, Delma Byrne, James Robson and Niall Winters

The Achievement of University Access: Conversion Factors, Capabilities and Choices
By Melanie Walker

The Widening Participation Agenda in German Higher Education: Discourses and Legitimizing Strategies
By Julia Mergner, Liudvika Leišytė and Elke Bosse

Refugee Students’ Access to Three European Universities: An Ethnographic Study
By Katrin Sontag

Reliability of Longitudinal Social Surveys of Access to Higher Education: The Case of Next Steps in England
By Nadia Siddiqui, Vikki Boliver and Stephen Gorard

Equal Access to the Top? Measuring Selection into Finnish Academia
By Jouni Helin, Kristian Koerselman, Terhi Nokkala, Timo Tohmo and Jutta Viinikainen

Open House? Class-Specific Career Opportunities within German Universities
By Frerk Blome, Christina Möller and Anja Böning