News and Announcements

New publication under the direction of Pierre Canisius Kamanzi, Gaële Goastellec and France Picard.

New publication by: Pedro N. Teixeira, Sunwoong Kim, Pablo Landoni and Zulfiqar Gilani.

New publication edited by: Cláudia Sarrico, Pedro Teixeira, António Magalhães, Amélia Veiga, Maria João Rosa and Teresa Carvalho.

ISBN: Paperback: 978-94-6300-673-6; Hardback: ISBN 978-94-6300-674-3
2016 | 280 pages.

In this book we aim to discuss and reflect on how HEIs are coping with the demands placed on them and how the various dimensions of change are intertwined. In particular, we aim to discuss the following questions:

  • How do governance regimes steer higher education institutions? This part of the book focuses its attention on how higher education and research institutions operate under different governance regimes at international, regional and national levels, and how that context shapes governance and management arrangements at institutional level.
  • How are institutions managing their quality and performance? This part deals with the systems institutions are developing to manage their quality and their wider performance to cope with the internal and external forces pressing them to constantly improve their levels of quality and wider performance in teaching, research and third mission.
  • How are higher education professionals responding to the transformations? This part is devoted to investigate the ways academic and non-academic professionals working in higher education and research institutions respond to the transformations occurring in their organisations, and changes in practices and functions performed by those working in higher education. It also explores the implication of higher education transformations on students.


New publication by Patrick Clancy, Irish Higher Education: a Comparative Perspective.

New publication by Ronald Barnett, Understanding the University:
Institution, idea, possibilities (Foundations and Futures of Education).